Why you need to keep the pot little versus Nits

Dara O Kearney

Dara O’Kearney I was training a feeble-minded somewhat obese trainee just recently and we identified a repeating leakage of his versus tight gamers.

He appropriately recognized that he ought to wager more regularly versus tight gamers. The reasoning is rather easy, if a gamer folds excessive you get to print cash by making them do simply that. If they call, you get to make them fold a lot on a later street for an even larger pot.

What he was incorrect about was his bet sizing. He increased his opening size from 2x to 3x versus a tight challenger. His reasoning was that a larger pot puts them in a more unpleasant position, so they will make more mistakes.

Do not let them off too quickly by wagering huge

Dara O Kearney

This is in reverse believing. A smaller sized bet size is far more preferable versus a tight gamer. Of all, if you take the blinds you ran the risk of less to do it and you have a simple fold the uncommon time they wake up with a hand and 3-bet you.

the Nit is more most likely to make mistakes versus you when they are required into pots they do not desire to play. If you wager 3x preflop they can quickly fold a hand like A2o, however versus a 2x bet they may call it. Now they are on the flop with a minimal hand they do not understand how to play since you priced them in.

My trainee made a comparable mistake by 3-betting with speculative hands like little sets versus tight gamers, once again to ‘put them under pressure’. This is likewise an area where you make it too simple for them to fold. I choose flatting with these hands, even if you will run out position, since you are not likely to get bluffed postflop. Tight gamers will typically examine back the flop, permitting you to understand more equity with little sets.

The primary sin here is that you let tight gamers off the hook too quickly when you 3-bet them or wager huge. Maniacs are more successful to bet however there is difference included and more uncertainty. It’s more difficult to get cash from a Nit, however they are a lot easier to bet. Force them to make mistakes by keeping the pot little versus them.

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Author: Mark Hayes