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Click to see the video”Stop taking solver outputs actually ” What are the greatest mistakes brand-new solver users make when they start? 2cardconfidence: The most convenient mistake to make and, for that reason, most typical is to simply take the solver’s outcomes actually and just take a look at outright numbers. Attempting to keep in mind those results and copy them when playing. That’s harmful in numerous methods. Outputs are never ever outright, since they depend on preflop varieties, sizings you offer the solver to be able to utilize, and numerous more things which are simply approximates and/or simplifications.

Second, keeping in mind the outputs will not work if you do not have a photographic memory. You’re combating an uphill fight.

And 3rd, those results are based upon 2 completely playing challengers. Which you will not discover in practice. Specifically at lower levels, a various technique than equilibrium/GTO will be more rewarding.

I’ve constantly felt that the most intriguing thing with solvers is to try to find when they do something that does not rather make good sense, then attempting to exercise why they did that. I discover the most that method, do you concur?

2cardconfidence: Yes. What’s particularly crucial is the WHY. Since that’s how you prevent believing in absolutes and discover the concepts that lag the solver’s outputs, those can not just be remembered way simpler, they can likewise be used to areas you have not studied before – so no requirement for remembering. The trigger for that can be areas that do not make good sense due to the fact that the desire to discover the factor behind them. And if you make a practice of constantly taking a look at the why, you’re on the best course.

What is the very best method to bear in mind what a solver teaches you?

2cardconfidence: There are 2 methods where you can choose this: One is to streamline your video game trees as much as possible. Discover the single best choice size on every street by lowering the tree and comparing EVs of the lines. That method, you’ll get a technique that is simpler to bear in mind.

The 2nd method returns to what we discussed previously: Finding concepts rather of remembering the real frequencies of each combination. It’s much easier to keep in mind that combinations with a backdoor flush draw choose wagering – and then constantly wager them. Rather of remembering that the combination with a backdoor flush draw would be wagered 70% of the time and the one without it would be wagered 30%.

“The finest routine is to ask why?”


When studying a hand, what are the most essential habits/questions to have each time?

2cardconfidence: I like to go through every hand in 3 stages: Look at what the variety is doing, what the hand classes are doing, and what the specific hands are doing. Go deeper on which of these you desire to check out more. As stated previously, the very best practice to have is asking “why?”. And for that, it’s crucial to take a look at both gamers associated with the hand. Just from taking a look at action and response can you comprehend the why behind it.

Exists any point in having a standard solver like PIO when GTOWiz does so much now?

2cardconfidence: GTO Wizard is terrific to search for immediate services, and the brand-new AI function eliminated practically all of the previous disadvantages GTOWizard had actually compared to standard solvers. The only thing still missing out on is the node locking function, which PioSolver is truly excellent for. I personally just utilize PIO for that now.

Some individuals believe GTOWiz is RTA, I believe those who utilize it understand it would be extremely difficult to utilize it as RTA, are you worried it is being utilized in this manner?

2cardconfidence: I envision it would be extremely difficult to utilize as RTA when multi-tabling. I ‘d state the most significant risk would be at high stakes, where you typically can’t multi-table too much anyhow, or deep in a competition.

Still, it can obviously, lower the barrier to sometimes utilize an RTA, which is an issue. I discover it crucial that they take the concern seriously – according to their current upgrade relating to security, to me, that does appear to be the case though.

Stay tuned to where we will be having a comprehensive Q&A with 2cardconfidence on utilizing solvers in the modern-day age.

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