5 Things Every Gambler Should Be Thankful For

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we all take the time to acknowledge the things we are thankful for in life. For the thankful gambler, it is important to take a minute or two for some gambling thankfulness.

We are not talking about the five-team parlay that you may have cashed over the weekend. That is something to feel fortunate about. However, there are benefits to gambling that might go unnoticed.

The dangers of gambling are often exemplified in society. Problem gambling is of course an issue that should be addressed. What about the aspects of gambling that are good for society, though?

There are elements of gambling that all gamblers should be appreciative and thankful for.

If you are on a heater, there is nothing like that feeling in the world. There at times during hot runs, you probably feel like you can become a professional gambler. We at TheSportsGeek do our best to provide you with this feeling on a daily basis.

Jumping into becoming a professional gambler is not advised without a plan. You must have years of experience being profitable before considering a gambling career.

Earning a second income, however? That is certainly something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving if that is you.

There is plenty of Thanksgiving gambling to be had on November 24. Thanksgiving is a day for football, and then a slate of college football follows on Friday.


Too bad. The tradition will continue for another season and into the foreseeable future. Thanksgiving has always been a day for the Lions to have their moment. A thankful gambler should not look down on the Lions, though.

Let’s get into the best reasons to be a thankful gambler on Thanksgiving this year. You can share your gambling thankfulness in the comments section below.

Best Thankful Gambler List

This is a subjective matter when discussing what you might be most thankful for as a gambler. You may have other things that you are thankful for, but every gambler should appreciate what is on our list. They might be one of those things you’ve never given much thought to.


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Comps and freebies at casinos are only for high rollers? You have been doing it all wrong if this is what you believe. Even small rollers with small budgets are eligible for freebies.

Every casino company has a loyalty program for gamblers. There is a player’s desk with more information regarding these programs. Signing up for the loyalty programs unlocks comps and marketing initiatives by the casino.

You will be issued a casino card to play with on the machines and table games. Gamblers can acquire points and tier credits through the card. These are used to advance to the next tier and for free casino dollars.

No, advancing to the top tiers is not necessary for comped rooms, food, and freeplay. At the very least, you should earn “teaser” offers with comped rooms to get you back in the casino.

The cheaper the resort, the easier it will be to earn comps. In other words, low rollers might want to stick to the likes of the Excalibur and the Luxor rather than the Wynn and Venetian.

Casino freebies are dictated by the theoretical loss at casino games. Blackjack, for instance, has a low house edge. The comps will not be as generous.

Slot machine players are typically the most comped gamblers. It does not take much to active “teaser” offers with comped rooms on slots.

Online Casino Comps

Online casinos are the best for freebies because they offer their comps up-front without gambling a dollar. These are known as front-end comps and are frequently advertised at online casinos.

Whether it is in the online sportsbook, or online casino, free bet bonuses can be lucrative for gamblers. If you play the game right, gamblers can rake in thousands in free bets in the online casino.

Visit our online gambling page for more information. We have the best freebies listed at online casinos in one place.

New Friends/Social Networking

Gambling is a social activity. Even online gambling is quickly turning into social gambling. From live dealers, online poker, and online message boards/social media, there are always opportunities to meet new friends.

If you want to make a bunch of new friends with like-minded interests, check out a sportsbook on a big day. There are always sports fans in the sportsbooks that have something to talk about.

There are many occasions where I have gotten to know other bettors in the sportsbook.

The same goes for everybody else during a notable game. What about slow days? These are usually reserved for true hardcore gamblers.

If you just want new sports friends, the big games in the sportsbook are for you. However, if you want to meet hardcore gamblers, they are around breaking down numbers and stats for the smaller games.

Table games are a fun way to meet new people, as well. Is there a game of choice for social networking? Craps and then blackjack is the best for getting to know new people in the casino.

Who knows, social gambling might even turn into a business opportunity. If you have made new friends from gambling in the last year, then this is certainly something to be thankful for.

Convenient Online Gambling

Gambling at online casinos is something that gamblers all take for granted now. This is especially true for younger gamblers that do not know any better.

The younger generation has grown up on online gambling. A lot of them do not know about having to call up the bookie, or having to go to Las Vegas for placing a sports bet.

When it comes to online casino games, there was little to nothing before the 2000s. Online casino gaming exploded in the 2000s and evolved over the years.

Live dealers were not a thing before the 2010s. They were only available at a few select online gambling operators. Nearly every online casino has live dealers to provide the best experience without being in a land-based casino now.

Sportsbook apps were never a thing not too long ago, either. To make a sports bet, calling up the sketchy bookie or flying to Las Vegas is no longer required. Just fire up the smartphone and there are thousands of bets available.

Whether you are a casino player or sports bettor, online gambling has made it much easier for all of us. Look at our online gambling page for more information.

Potential For Second Income/Getting Rich

Earning a second income from an activity that can also be considered a hobby is the ultimate goal. If you are earning a second income, or sole income from gambling, then this is something to be thankful for this year.


Not everyone is built for being a professional gambler. Even doing this for a second income can be difficult. However, there are gamblers with advanced abilities that can make gambling a lucrative career.

Poker might be the most popular form of gambling as a career. That said, there are professional sports bettors and blackjack players, too. Bankroll management and sharp math skills are what every professional gambler has in common.

If you do not want to put in the hard work, it’s not going to work out well. Conversely, if you are a slot player or like games of random chance, there is always the potential for getting rich.

Have you hit a big jackpot gambling? How can you not be a thankful gambler if this is the case? And if you haven’t yet, your big day might be around the corner.

The potential for a big score can be enough to give gamblers a boost of positivity and optimism.

The Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions!? Why should gamblers be thankful for these perennial losers? And I say, this is a Thanksgiving gambling article, so why not include the Lions?

The Lions organization is responsible for beginning Thanksgiving football in 1934. At the time, owner George Richards was coming up with marketing ideas for his new team.

Richards bought the Portsmouth Spartans (Ohio) in 1934 and moved the team to Detroit. They became known as the Detroit Lions.

His most ingenious idea was to convince NBC to broadcast the Bears and Lions football on Thanksgiving Day. Almost a century later, Thanksgiving football is a staple for gamblers.

Without Richards and the Lions, Thanksgiving football may not have been a thing. 88 years later and there are three NFL football games on Thanksgiving. The Dallas Cowboys joined the holiday tradition in the 1960s.

You may not be a fan of being forced to watch the Lions, but there is a very good reason why they are on. The Lions are the main reason why you’ve been able to have Thanksgiving gambling on football every year.

And, hey, the Lions may not win a lot of games, but they have covered 60% of their point spreads since 2021. Blindly betting on the Lions since last year would put you ahead of most gamblers.

Lions fans have nothing to be thankful for since going to the NFC Championship in 1991. However, the gambling on Thanksgiving tradition started in Detroit with the Lions in 1934. Thank you, Lions.


Not many gamblers take a second to pause once in a while and be thankful for what they have. There are a lot of things that we all take for granted as gamblers, though.

It is prudent to take some time to think about gambling thankfulness on Thanksgiving this year. We have listed our top-5 points for what should make a thankful gambler on Thanksgiving Day.

The list could go on and on, though, so you can brainstorm your own. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Author: Mark Hayes